Call to Action and Healing After the Election! 

Have you been confused and not sure how to move forward after the election? Are you confused by all of the rhetoric from all sides that create more separation?

These past few weeks have been tough for everyone. It has been heartbreaking as a spiritual teacher to see so many hurting, lashing out in anger, frustration, and FEAR. I believe strongly that this election has brought to light so much that needs to be healed in our country and in the world. When we act and move from fear, the only thing that is accomplished is more division and more separation.

How about instead we seek to find ways to help our brothers and sisters? How about we get into service for this country like never before? What IF we reach out to those that maybe voted a different way from us and create dialogue and choose to practice compassion? What IF we seek to find the ways in which OUR OWN SPIRIT may rise up to meet the challenges of the times?

All change begins from within. Period. We cannot change others, we are NOT responsible to change anyone else. If our own heart is hard and angry, how in the world we will be able to be of service with loving kindness?

How will we BE the change we want to see, if nothing but anger is spewing from our mouths or social media posts? I challenge you to watch what you post, what you share, and what you say. That energy is only fueling what is happening. Instead, how can you reach out and BE useful, kind, and effective? How can you use your time and words to promote inclusiveness, compassion, and love?

The time is NOW to work on your inner spirit to bring all that you can to this planet. One of the best ways to do this is through meditation and using tools that can change your perspective quickly. I highly recommend The Book of Joy by The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. There is more wisdom and practical tools in that book for this time in history, it will quickly help you reframe your perspective.

Here is a video that also might help you right here, right now. Get involved, get moving, and start healing yourself so you can help heal this nation.

Watch the Video Now

I look forward to hearing about how you plan to get involved, stop complaining, and help create unity where ever you are TODAY.


Donna, The Healing Hiker

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