How would it feel to experience FREEDOM in your life so you can explore and discover ADVENTURE? How would it change your life to be in a private COMMUNITY of others who are learning and growing together? If you have ever thought:

“If I sit on this couch one more day, I am going to go crazy.”

“How does she get the courage to live with so much freedom?”

“How do I even START to make changes, and will I be able to keep at it?”

“I don’t have the time to do anything for myself.”

“My kids are grown up and don’t need me anymore, what am I going to do with the rest of my life?”

“I’d like to explore living a more spiritual life, but it seems so impossible to figure out HOW!”

Then, this is the course for you!

It’s packaged in 6 modules (plus some fun bonuses) that you can take on your own time. This course is designed to help you feel a sense of  FREEDOM AND ADVENTURE now! This is the course that many have been asking for that is affordable and a great investment in loving yourself. How would it feel to open your eyes each day, KNOWING that you have the tools to live your best life, KNOWING that you are connected, centered, and have purpose?

Do you feel selfish for taking care of yourself?

Are you in a place where you feel helpless to control your emotions or reactions?

What if you had the tools to stop, take a breath, and learn to react in a healthy way?

How would it feel to have the COURAGE to go after your dreams?

What if spiritual tools were broken down in easily digestible and practical ways for you? 

Back in 2004, I felt like I had splatted on a sidewalk, facedown, in a puddle of self-pity and depression, and literally did not want to live. (It was so pretty, NOT!) Clearly a major overhaul was needed, pronto, on a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical level. I was broken and thought I was beyond help, but that was not the TRUTH! I asked for help, put down the struggle, and began to see the light and FEEL HOPE come back into my heart. Traveling, hiking, and teaching are my passions. You don’t have to wait until you are completely hopeless to make a change in your life. (Life lesson #1!) My goal is to take all the years of study and practice and condense it down into manageable bits that you can apply TODAY so you can be on the road to FREEDOM and ADVENTURE!

Donna Reina

This course is equal to over 3 months of one-on-one coaching with me, normally priced at $3,000.

All for the introductory price of $297!

The price will go up after this introductory offering, so act NOW.

The modules build on each other and are designed to lead you clearly through the material. All courses include access to a secret Facebook Group, just for those in this course. This is where we will support each other, get questions answered, and learn together. All class participants will also receive a BONUS Module 7 on how to create more MAGIC in your life along with 2 free bonus coaching and energy healing videos! In addition, a percentage of all profits will go toward projects and partnerships with local NGO’s in Africa to empower women and promote education.

Here’s what people are saying about Donna Reina, Your Transformational Empowerment Coach:

Donna Reina has been coaching me for almost 2 years. She came into my life in a serendipitous way when I was lost, vulnerable and desperate to make changes in my life. I was immediately drawn to her compassion, natural intuition, intelligence, and honesty. A great coach like Donna helps you focus on how behavior is just a symptom of underlying unresolved issues. Suddenly a scary journey of self-transformation can turn into a great adventure of hope. Donna’s coaching has helped create healthy boundaries and better relationships. I have a compass pointed in the direction of my best self, and I am so grateful.

Annette A.

Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor

Let me just start by saying that Donna Reina is a fantastic HUMAN. I think that quality is paramount to anyone that you choose as a teacher. I can truly say that every time I leave her I feel as if I have been heard. I never feel as if I am being judged and am given enough space to chase my own path. Her wisdom, ranging from simple to extremely difficult life experiences, is straightforward and practical. Most importantly she tries to follow her own babble, stretching her boundaries no matter how uncomfortable. She leans into those super sharp edges. She is my GO TO confidant and always tells me the shit I don’t want to hear, so I can grow.

Rodney E.


Sometimes you need someone to pull you up, head you in the right direction, and clear the fog. Donna has been that person and more to me. She is able to look forward and deep inside to help others see their own worth and open them up to explore their strengths. She has brought so much positive energy and opened me up to realize that I am ready and fully capable to move forward in the direction of my dreams and ambitions.

Kelly P.

Writer and Artist

Here’s what you will learn to create a life of


**Introduction to meditation and prayer
**Connect to spirit to create sustainable change
**Learn baby steps to using writing tools to manifest change
**Begin joining in community discussions to create connections and support

**Learn to identify resentments and old ideas that hold you back
**Learn to identify behaviors in reactions to resentments and fear
**Releasing resentments to find FREEDOM and FORGIVENESS
**Beginning steps in creating and keeping boundaries

**Discover your strength in Spiritual and Emotional Self-Love practices
**Create New Body and Mind Habits and Rituals
**Find your freedom in new Eating practices and Exercise habits
**Uncovering areas that Self-Sabotage, Procrastination, or Perfectionism are taking you down

**Discovering the power of BEING
**Learn how to BE still and still BE ok!
**Becoming Aware and beginning steps in channeled writing
**Discerning patterns and messages through channeled writing

**Learn how to use Guided Writing to uncover dreams and set intentions
**Understanding the art of releasing fear and remapping your brain
**Using Manifestation Tools
**Turning your dreams into Action
**Becoming accountable and learning how to use the community for support

**Discovering your new Interests and Passions
**Uncovering hidden desires for hobbies and connection
**Challenging your norms to develop new ideas on community
**Creating new opportunities for personal development and relationship tools
**Finding ways to seek freedom and adventure in all areas of your life

Surprise Module as a thank you for participating!

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Be sure to read our Terms of Service before purchasing! See below.

Guide to Freedom and Adventure

Course Level 1
  • 6 Easy to follow modules that contain proven tools to guide you in living your best life
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group Bonus Module with 2 additional coaching and energy healing videos
  • A portion of profits will go toward projects and partnerships with local NGO’s in Africa and abroad to empower women and promote education.
I'm Ready To Get Started!

About Donna Reina

Hi, I am Donna Reina, and am so honored to have you visit this site. Having raised two beautiful children, I feel blessed to have a life that is honestly beyond what I could have imagined for myself.  When I hit rock bottom nearly 12 years ago, I finally asked for help. I was worn out, hopeless, and tired. I accepted the help, surrendered, and then I did the work. Learning early on in this process, I realized that to create lasting change in my life, I needed to learn to rely on some kind of power that was bigger than ME! Being an avid reader and seeker, I am always reading spiritual books, practical books on developmental tools, relationship tools, and attend developmental workshops and seminars.

I have received my certificate as a Reiki energy healer/practitioner, have become certified as an Angel Card Reader with Doreen Virtue, completed a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Management, received my Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 Certificate from Gabrielle Bernstein, taken Anthony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within Workshop, and B-School with Marie Forleo.  All of this learning with the heart felt goal of breaking down complex ideas into simple to follow tools to help you feel connected, significant, passionate, and fully engaged with your life! 

A few years ago, I went to Africa to volunteer with a local women’s empowerment organization (WEECE). It was a life changing experience and I saw that love really does transcend language barriers. The connections that I experienced helped me realize that I was called to make a difference there. When I shared about my passion to help women abroad,  I heard “But there are people that need help here, why don’t you teach freedom and adventure to people here?” Well, because I hadn’t thought about it that way! I soon realized that the universe was telling me something loud and clear. I can be of service anywhere to empower others so they can carry on the message of freedom and hope. As noted above, all of this so that I can also help fund future projects in Africa and beyond. These projects will empower women, promote education for girls, and help them build businesses to support their families. Every person that signs up for this course will have a hand in that work and sharing your love for others across the globe will create a lasting impact.

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