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Multi-Level Empowerment Workshops and Seminars

  • Learn to meditate – different techniques for different kinds of souls
  • Create step-by-step goal setting and begin the process of uncovering your true purpose
  • Public speaking lessons and practice (scary, I know, but best way to move past fear in a safe environment)
  • Learn how to connect with an audience (either through blogging, teaching, mentoring, or other paths)
  • How to uncover and create your individual message
  • Join a community of light workers to gain support who can encourage you on your journey
  • Angel card readings for guidance and support
  • Group Reiki healing sessions

Are you feeling the call to teach or mentor others? Do you want to explore teaching or sharing your gifts with others? This is the time and place to learn how to do this. Simple ways to empower and clear the way for your message to be heard!

The platform of these workshops will be set up in a way to create space for new teachers to acquire practice teaching and obtain much needed exposure to expand their gifts. My goal is to take these workshops throughout the nation to enable new teachers to grow and continue the shiny light work in their local areas (always with the goal in mind to keep teaching more teachers!) Be Shiny!

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