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Reiki Energy Healing and Oracle Angel Card Readings

Experience distant Reiki energy healing to unlock blocks, open creative paths, and create a balanced body for healing. Reiki is (ray-key) is a “Universal Life Force of Energy” ~ we all have universal energy; the key is to open our minds to allow this energy to heal us from the inside out.

Reiki is a technique that uses powerful universal energy that can heal body, mind, and spirit. It is not dependent on a spiritual belief system and works for people of all ages, and spiritual beliefs. There are messages that are sometimes given to the Reiki practitioner during the session, which will be passed on the client. These can be helpful in dealing with emotional issues as well as seeking medical treatment for medical issues. Reiki practitioners are not doctors or psychologist and will not diagnose, give psychology or physical therapy treatments.

Reiki is only passed to a practitioner from a certified trained Reiki master. Reiki practitioners can reach several levels of attunement.

Contact me today to get your Angel Oracle Card reading in person or distant readings online.

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